Commission Info

This is the full information on my commissions and my current policy. Click "Art" to go to my art portfolio. More art can be seen on my instagram at this link: Instagram. Email me at (or message me on another platform) to reserve a slot if one is open!



Slots are the commissions I’m working on concurrently. When three slots are filled, I will close commissions. When they are all done, I will open them again. You can't reserve more than one slot at a time!

Commissions Progress


Image detailing prices as in table below
Sketch Lineart Color Shaded Complex*
Half body $20 $50 $70 $80 $100
Full body $30 $60 $80 $90 $130
+Character +50% +50% +50% +50% +50%
+Background +$30 +$60 +$80 +$90 +$130

* What counts as Complex includes: intricate style mimicry, multi-tone painting as opposed to cel-shading, and considerably detailed backgrounds. I will discuss this with you, but ultimately it's up to my discretion.

Price Calculator

Cans and Can'ts

Can do

  • Furries
  • OCs
  • Fan art
  • Most ships
  • Style mimicry

Can’t do:

  • Complex machinery
  • Primarily backgrounds
  • Realistic portraits
  • Incest or adult/child ships
  • NSFW
  • Lineless painting

Commission Policy

There is no shipping of this product as given in this invoice; this is a digital good.

I will send you a paypal invoice. Please give me the email linked to your paypal account. I use invoices because of buyer and seller protections.

NOTE: Paypal often deadnames people with their legal name (and it’s hard to get that changed later within Paypal, even if you’ve changed it legally). If you’re not comfortable with this, talk to me and we can work something else out.

You will pay half upfront and half after receiving the product. If you send me all of the money up front I will refund it and ask you to try again.

After a month has passed since the first half has been paid, if I have not started the commission in any way, I will give you a full refund of that payment on request. If I have already completed a stage of the commission (starting with the sketch) then a partial refund can be discussed. Once you have received the finished drawing, no refund is available.

You are free to post this anywhere as long as you give credit to me in some way (using a social media handle or my name or website). Cropping my watermark is not permissible.

I will send you the rough sketch first. Any changes at this point will be applied. You are free to ask for updates at any time, and I encourage and invite you to ask me for weekly updates. If I am asking for an update or information from you, and two or more weeks go by without the requested information, I will table your commission and open up the slot for someone else. Refund rules still apply.

Once the drawing is finished, only minor corrections (such as fixing a hand position, small color corrections, or fixing noticed errors) will be applied as needed. Any major changes (such as changing an entire pose or outfit) will cost more, at my discretion.